5 safety Tips for car towing


Written by:  Towing Newport News VA

Towing can be a little bit intimidating, particularly to inexperienced first-time drivers. For safe and accident-free towing, drivers must learn and be aware of the various safety practices in car towing. Cases of damaged cars while being dragged are rampant and the liability can either be for the towing company or the car owner. This can affect insurance coverage, rates and other legal. Cars with automatic transmission are the worst hit. To avoid damages and other potential hazards, below are the 5 safety tips for car towing.

1. Stay Within Your Limits

Each RV has its gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR). This is the weight set by your RV automaker. It takes into account the base curb weight of your RV vehicle and the weight of the cargo you are towing. If you overload your RV beyond the recommended GVWR, it becomes too heavy, and the brakes might fail. The suspension components can also break, become ineffective and even generate heat and blow out. In case of an overload, you should make adjustments on time where necessary.

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